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10 National Employment Standards

Asian Women at Work is an active organisation that has been working to empower migrant women in low paid and precarious employment since our incorporation in 1995.

A key focus of our work is to build and strengthen the capacity of the target communities, as well as build links with the mainstream local communities in which they live.  Leadership development and training is central to our model of work, which is ultimately building communities. 

There are 10 minimum workplace entitlements in the NES:

1.     A maximum standard working week of 38 hours for full-time employees, plus ‘reasonable’ additional hours.

2.     A right to request flexible working arrangements.

3.     Parental and adoption leave of 12 months (unpaid), with a right to request an additional 12 months.

4.     Four weeks paid annual leave each year (pro rata).

5.     Ten days paid personal/carer’s leave each year (pro rata), two days paid compassionate leave for each permissible occasion, and two days unpaid carer’s leave for each permissible occasion.

6.     Community service leave for jury service or activities dealing with certain emergencies or natural disasters. This leave is unpaid except for jury service.

7.     Long service leave.

8.     Public holidays and the entitlement to be paid for ordinary hours on those days.

9.     Notice of termination and redundancy pay.        

10.   The right for new employees to receive the Fair Work Information Statement. 

More information may be found at www.fairwork.gov.au.

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